• Litwiński Łoś and Partners is a dynamic and modern Law Firm established in 2006. Our team of legal professionals bring to the company extensive experience, knowledge of the market and an understanding of the realities of running a business in Poland.

    We have a Client focused approach and are working to identify and solve our Clients problems. We believe that offering professional legal services does not always pair with providing expensive services and therefore seek to have the competitive advantage.

    Office provides a wide range of legal services in the area of commercial law to Polish and foreign business entities, both existing and in the process of formation. We provide our services both in Polish and English. Our relationship with Clients can be ongoing and also deal specific, providing legal services for one-off projects or transactions.

    The extensive knowledge of the team comes from experience in renowned Polish law firms in various areas of practice and financial institutions of the private sector. Thanks to our diverse work experience we have created a team that can provide legal support for even the most complex transactions. We also have a close relationship with experts in different fields, so that we can provide our Clients additional assistance and support (e.g. in the area of tax advice, patent advice etc.). For international projects we obtain the co-operation of law firms from abroad.

tel.: + 48 22 856 55 30
fax: + 48 22 856 55 33

ul. Puławska 12 lok. 3
02-566 Warszawa

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